Upcycle!: DIY Furniture and Decor from Unexpected Objects 

“Have a bunch of mason jars in your cupboard but not sure what to do with them? Have some fruit crates laying around? Upcycle is a fun, contemporary project book that will show you how to take a range of common objects, many available cheap or free, and craft them into stylish home furnishings and décor.”

“The projects are practical and attractive, with full-color photography and easy-to-follow instructions. Turn an old wooden pallet into a stylish coffee table or a charming, rustic headboard, a leftover jam jar into an accent light or a hanging plant holder, and dozens more simple home crafts. The lovely “farmhouse chic” esthetic brings a rustic yet modern flare to any home. Each project has a complete list of tools and materials needed, and handy illustrations that even the beginner to DIY projects can follow with ease.”

the perfect coffee tablebook, Endangered by Tim Flach


I love paying a visit to my mentor, he gives me the best books and during my last visit he gifted me with this fabulous, signed copied book, Endangerd by Tim Flach. This great book is filled with colorful and inspiring photography of animals from all over the world on the brink of extinction.

This fantastic book is a perfect cover for displaying on the coffee table. A few more on my wish list by the same authors are: Dogs and More than Humans.

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