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Ames Jipi Christmas Baubles from GOODEE

Still decorating? Looking for something . I really love these handcrafted ornaments, they are by Colombian artisans, made from the leaves of the Jipijapa palm tree.

Each ornament is unique and comes in different colours combinations. 

Ames is a Colombia brand, Founded by Ana María Calderon Kayser, a native Colombian “from a young age appreciated the craftsmanship and quality of handmade products, Ames offers an extensive collection of furniture and home accessories and textiles designed to bring functionality and fun to every day.”

Working with local Colombian artisans, each product is lovingly made by hand, ensuring unparalleled care, quality and style.

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Vintage Retro Original Hand Carved African Hipster Gazelle


Vintage Retro Original Hand Carved African Hipster Gazelle Seated – Polka Berry Smoothie

Original 1970s wooden carving from Africa. This has been sanded and painted an eye popping hot pink and an illustrative motif has been added by hand to finish it off.

Measurements: 13 cm wide , 15 cm tall. shop for it here