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Fondant Arts and Craft Turtle

What you need

  • White fondant
  • Food colouring, blue, red, yellow, green, black etc
  • Rolling pin
  • Cut your fondant into smaller balls.
  • kneed your food colouring into each ball, do as many colours as you would like.
  • Roll your blue into a log shape. (this is for the body and the legs). Then divide the feet and the body. create shapes.
  • Next mould the yellow for the body. (choose a colour you would prefer, it is up to you)
  • Roll out your black fondant and cut out some eye. Stick them on the head.
  • Then choose colours you would like to put on the back of the turtle and roll out a small piece, then cut out small circles.
  • Now stick the pieces on the back of the turtle.

Put aside to dry for an hour or more before picking up.

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Excellent activity for fine motor 3-4 year olds

This activity to work on pairing colours, numbers and mainly fine motor coordination. it seem easy and straight forward right?

1st get your child to practice gripping the Jumbo Easy Grip Plastic Tweezers. Then get them to Take the ball and put it in the corresponding colour pot, it is a very fun activity, it stimulates fine motor coordination, concentration, learning colours and it’s simple to do!

Have Fun learning.