Fondant Arts and Craft Turtle

What you need

  • White fondant
  • Food colouring, blue, red, yellow, green, black etc
  • Rolling pin
  • Cut your fondant into smaller balls.
  • kneed your food colouring into each ball, do as many colours as you would like.
  • Roll your blue into a log shape. (this is for the body and the legs). Then divide the feet and the body. create shapes.
  • Next mould the yellow for the body. (choose a colour you would prefer, it is up to you)
  • Roll out your black fondant and cut out some eye. Stick them on the head.
  • Then choose colours you would like to put on the back of the turtle and roll out a small piece, then cut out small circles.
  • Now stick the pieces on the back of the turtle.

Put aside to dry for an hour or more before picking up.

Wish I could sew…

If there is one skill I wish I had perfected, is sewing. I wonder do they still teach kids these skills in school? Home economics was great for me, as a kid you could learn how to knit, stitch, crochet and sew amongst other skills.

I found this really cool lady on Instagram called Elly, she creates these amazing, fun, colourful and unique items. They are all handmade and I am in absolute awe.

Currently Elly York workshop on Etsy is currently on a short break. Her Etsy shop will reopened on March 2nd!

link below.