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Inspired by this room at the Wallace Collection Museum London

The Wallace Collection


Art gallery in London, England


Address: Hertford House, Manchester Square, London W1U 3BN



Entry : free 

Director: Dr Xavier Bray

Phone020 7563 9500

Did you know: It was bequeathed to the British nation by Lady Wallace, Sir Richard’s widow, in 1897. 

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Designed by: Adin Mumma   £185.00 at the Wallace collection Museum London

An award-winning design, the WOBBLE CHESS SET was made so that the chess pieces do not fall off the board while moving around. The concave landscape helps to stabilize the set, while the maple and walnut wood base makes for a beautiful decor piece.

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The Bookshop of Panama


Product description

Meet Kate Lewis She s a burned out charity worker, a self-described stick-in-the-mud and a bookworm. She had a stable, cosy life in London spending her weekends buried in books until Marco came along. He s her UN action man boyfriend and he swept her off her feet at a conference. Over time Kate senses that Marco needs more from life than a pile of books by the bed and a pint in the pub on Fridays. So when a job posting comes up in Panama Central America, one that Marco desperately wants, to show a more adventurous side, she agrees to relocate there with him to start a new life together.

Kate heads off to Panama, with Marco delayed by a humanitarian emergency in Sudan set to join some days later, but when he finally shows up, Marco isn t himself, and within hours of arriving he drops a bombshell, leaving Kate stranded and alone.

Thankfully, just around the corner is an oddball bunch of ex-pats who befriend Kate. With their friendship and support she s soon coming out of her shell, picking herself up and planning her move back to London to start over again. But a stop off in New York on the way

Author Suzanne Hope

Price: £9.99 shop at Amazon