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Studio DIY Revisited

Fantastic website, and who is behind this creative site? Founder, Kelly Mindell.

“Studio DIY is a creative lifestyle company in charge of making life a PARTY! We share fun, kooky and bold DIY projects, recipes, tips, tricks, ideas… the works!”

I was particularly drawn to the various postings on ‘Wall crawl’ in the travel section. It features great shots of people posing in front of these incredible, artistic, walls in various cities across the globe, including; Miami, Chicago, London, Nashville, Brooklyn, Atlanta and Los Anglese.


They have Correspondents in theses cities and here are a few of my favourite, Photos by @belleandbuntyJeff Mindell and @rclayton Map by Striped Cat Studio

To download a printable version of Kate’s illustrated map, visit the website here. I have just subscribed to her newsletter to keep me informed on new walls and new cities!!