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Diane Von Furstenberg’s Parisian Apartment


What a perfect partisan holiday home, not bad for a 2nd or 3rd home right? Diane says she wanted her place in Paris to feel as if it were the best suite in the most luxurious Parisian hotel and thinks of this home as her private little hideaway.  Even though I am all about white spaces and minimal interiors, the patterns and dark colours in this flat really gives it a warm, cozy, nice feeling.

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Amazing Decor Chinese restaurant in Kiev


My Bucket list is expanding by the day! What I come across daily through blogging is unbelievable take for example this Chinese, Cosmopolitan restaurant in Kiev, Russia. Look at the stunning detailing and decor!

” YOD Studio of Commercial Design combined ancient Chinese traditions with the idea of cosmopolitanism, using influences from Singapore, Honk Kong, and New York City.”

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